Overleveled DLC content

You know guys, I am pretty upset right now, you know why I am upset.

I am upset SEGA, gave me all these dlcs in persona 5 royal that are level 90, for free, in the game, no game currency required, 100k yen, outfits, power creep dlc, some anoying redhead calling you senpai that makes me wanna rope myself to a minecraft tree, I am pretty upset.

By now you might think I am slightly upset. Same thing happened to me in division 1, ubisoft gave me a late game gun as soon as I hit level 30, and I already thought it ruined the game for me, making the fun aspect of the game, the farming, the using your time to get something special, the waste of time that makes it special, right now what am I supposed to do, play the game for the STORY, just for the story… people don’t play jrpgs for the story, people play jrpgs for the numbers, for the numbers, YOU PLAY A JRPG FOR THE NUMBERS, THE NUMBERS MASON, WHAT DO THEY MEAN.

If you don’t play a jrpg for the numbers you are weird, you are strange you might even be into weird role play fetish with fish. If I knew they were gonna ruin the gameplay experience for me I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT P3 RELOADED.

If playing rpgs makes you wish the ported ps4 exclusives for pc, were the gran turismo games means SEGA real f-ed up G.

Overleveled DLC content

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