Mental Health Journey

I have been going to psychiatrists and psychologists after roughly two years now, I struggled with obsessive thoughts, feeling like I am a monster or something I am not, thoughts of doing things that I haven’t done, intrusive thoughts, I had pretty stressful relationships with Woman’s (trauma) (I am not a virgin, and I am not gay, I swear).

All of this is pretty stressful, that is my amazing psychiatrist has prescribed me with tons of drugs, witch have been stacking up on my shelf, my shelf looks like a pharmacy, testing my self control to not OD one day.

After two years of this journey I can tell I am more in tune with my thoughts and improving slowly, and I have to say OCD, and talking about your problems is a load of bull-crap. The more you talk about intrusive thoughts the more you have them, don’t talk about them, don’t do actions that you will regret, talking (oversharing), smoking, drinking, porn, weed, etc, don’t do that to deal with obsessive thoughts.

What you do is pretend they didn’t happen, lie to everyone about your mental state, say you feel good when you don’t feel good and then talk about your frustrations and issues you have, talk about them on a conjecture level with your psychologist and psychiatrist. Don’t go into a psychologist’s office and say you have issues believing you run over someone on a high way or a dog, because you felt a bumb under your Volkswagen Polo, and spent 2 hours talking about how if that had happen or having your psychologist convincing you that didn’t happen.

INSTEAD talk about how thoughts are not facts, how no one is trying to catch you, Evidence that you are upstanding guy just for thinking about other people’s well beings (or animals).

OCD overall is like being drunk on thoughts and fighting battles in your own head no one sees, a combination of drugs and psychologist helps, but for me what really helps is. Having friends and family and people that you love around, having a job, hobbies, getting money, and shifting your obsessions to your job and getting rich (getting money to buy your VIDEO GAMES).

Also helps to have friends that don’t care about anything and say what it’s on their mind like Peter Griffin. Blockhead friends.

Keep at it and you’re gonna make it champ!

Mental Health Journey

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