My name is Johan Detzer, I make youtube videos, reviews, game-play, you name it, I do it, play a lot of tactical and turn based games, strategy games, some jrpgs, some rpgs, some league of legends, the strategy aspect of games is what speaks to me the most.

I am 27 years old and I was diagnosed with OCD meaning I have pretty vivid horrid thoughts that stick in my head like gum to the underside of the school table.

Playing video games usually, not all times helps me get out of my stressful chain of thoughts and soothe my brain with strategic video game ideas to put in practice in next ranked game. I have been making videos since January 2022, when I uploaded my first review video using my voice and making the content I want to make. That video was my Othercide REVIEW. The audio is pretty bad but it still holds a special place in my heart.

My top 5 games:
1- Darkest Dungeon
2- Bloodborne
3- XCOM 2
4- Darksouls 3
5- The Last Spell

I have grown out of playing games like dark souls 3 tho, and now I enjoy way more of a laid back thinking approach of games like XCOM, still, games like bloodborne have such a panache such a je ne se quois that you can’t help but be in love with all the fashion of the naval englishman in it. That said, darkest dungeon is like merging xcom with bloodborne for me so that makes it the perfect game for me, ever probably… until now. I wonder how much this top 5 will change with my growing hunger to review more games and as my encyclopedia grows.

I haven’t finished college because I am a manchild, I could say its because of my OCD but it is solely my fault, I am the one to blame. That said, I am on my way to finish my degree and on my way to make more videos and follow my passion for video games and reviews.

I aspire to one day rival the likes of IGN in terms of writing serious scripted no funny business reviews, and rival Ssethzentach in terms of comedy.

I really enjoy Sam hyde, Luis Ck, Norm MacDonald and Shane Gills in terms of comedians.

In terms of youtube, Barny64, Dunkey, Pyrocynical (gaming essays), Uberdanger, Indiemaus, Mandalore gaming and Sseth are my main inspirations to do what I am doing right now.


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